Department of Fisheries & Aquatic Resources

Divisions of the Head Office

Fisheries Management Division

Fisheries Management, Regulation, Fisheries Act, Licensing, Boat registration……

Development Division

Fisheries Development, technology, fishing gears, supplies, socio-economic, livelihood …….

Quality control Division

Fishery product export and import, fish processing quality control …..

Operation Division

High seas fishing operations, logbook, skippers and crew members, fishing trip verification…..

IT Division

Online fisheries management, system development and implementation, vessel monitoring system, online payment portal ……

Investigation and Training Division

Fisheries investigations, inspections, fisheries act and regulations, training and awareness, departure approvals and cancellations

Finance Division

CFinance, supply, budget handling, online payment portal…..

Admin Division

Administration, employee handling, recruitments, promotions …….