Department of Fisheries & Aquatic Resources

Fisheries Development Division

Fisheries development in Sri Lanka has been focused on promoting sustainable fishing practices and improving post-harvest handling and processing methods. The government has implemented various initiatives to modernize the fisheries sector, increase productivity, and boost income opportunities for fishing communities. Sri Lanka has also been working towards achieving responsible and eco-friendly fishing practices to ensure the long-term viability of its marine resource. Development Division of DFAR Is responsible for carrying out above activities and the details on main functions of the division is given below.

Responsibility and Role

Development of fisheries industry through modern technology.

Implementation of various development programs for fisher folk.

Implementation of Idiwara bank and Fisheries Co-operative Society programmes and co-ordination and supervision of them at national level.

Registration of manufacturers of fishing vessels and importers of fishing gear, boat engines, refrigeration systems, navigational, communicational and lifesaving equipment and fixing their prices and renewal of such permits annually.

Approval of designs of fishing boats, various makes & models of marine engines and other equipment used for fishing.

Formulation of programs to upgrade the living standard of fishing families affected by natural disasters and accidents.

Supervision of all district and regional fisheries offices.

Follow up action on foreign aid funded projects.

Implementation of alternative income generating programs.

Implementation of programs for the prevention of post-harvest losses

Preparation of an action plan of departmental activities.

Division Structure