Department of Fisheries & Aquatic Resources

Director General's Message

As the prospective of oceans to meet goals of sustainable development is immense, oceans have become a main focal point in economic and sustainable development. Given that the oceans remain the major natural resource yet to be fully explored and the fisheries industry is a major contributor to the national GDP, the Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources has taken initiatives to better align future economic growth in the sea of Sri Lanka, while maintaining the ocean health and seeking avenues to develop the national blue-economy (a concept that offers a unique opportunity to address complex and inter-connected challenges in oceans, without compromising economic growth).

Since fish serve as the main source of protein in Sri Lanka and in order to meet the demands of adequate and sustainable supply of fish, the Department has introduced and promoted sustainable fishery methods, thereby taking necessary measures to prevent illegal and unhealthy fishing practices that disturb the marine ecosystems which have long term effects in the regional aquatic resources, in compliance with international conventions, laws, and rules.

Further, the Department has also taken initiatives to enhance and upgrade the living standards of the fisheries community, having hosted activities and programs with the aim of developing the socio-economic status of that community.

Further, Sri Lanka as a quality fish and seafood exporter has adopted the latest technologies in product development, processing, and packaging, ensuring that Sri Lankan fish and seafood products reach the international markets in the best quality, taste, and texture. However, I am of the view that adherence to new and emerging Information and Communication Technologies across other aspects of fisheries and aquatic resources industries would lead to promoting and developing the national blue economy to another level.

S.J. Kahawatte,
Director General,

Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources