Department of Fisheries & Aquatic Resources

Internal Audit Division


Main objective of the division is to ensure transparency, accountability, and efficiency within the organization by providing comprehensive reporting, conducting thorough investigations, and performing inspections to safeguard financial integrity, compliance with policies and procedures, and proper utilization of resources, including vehicles, human resources, and facilities such as A/C machines and fire extinguishing systems.


The following activities were carried out by the Internal Audit Division during the year under review.

Furnished quarterly reports containing the facts such as financial progress, progress of the submission of returns and accounts, observation of the payment of vouchers, settlement of impress payments and answering to the audit queries pertaining to each such quarter.

Investigation and subject related internal audit reports were furnished.

Investigation about the departmental vehicles.

Investigation about the reporting for work, taking leave by officers.

Inspection of A/C machines of the Head Office.

Investigation of payment of Advance “B” Account loans to the public officers and recovery of outstanding balance of loans.

Inspection of the fire extinguishing systems of the Department.