Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources

Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources

Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources

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Fisheries Management Division


Main objective of this division is to attain sustainable development in the fisheries sector of Sri Lanka by way of conservation and management of fishery resources in seas, lagoons and reservoirs through community participation.


The following functions are performed by the division for achieving the above objective.

  • Formulation and implementation of fisheries regulations
  • Registration of fishing vessels
  • Mortgaging of fishing vessels
  • Issue of fisheries operational licences
  • Issue of fish landing permits for foreign vessels
  • issue of import, export and re-export permits for ornamental fish
  • Issue of permits for catching, possession, transportation and export of beach de-mer and lobsters
  • Issue of permits for transportation and export of chanks, sea shells and shark fins
  • Registration of Beach Seine Harbours and owners and issue of permits for beach seines
  • Issue of identity cards for fishermen
  • Repatriation of fishermen stranded at high seas and apprehended in foreign countries
  • Provision of dry rations for affected fisher families
  • Establishment of Fisheries Management Areas, Fisheries Committees and authorities and formulation and implementation of Fisheries Development Management Plans through the said institutions
  • Establishment of fisheries organizations and fishery management committees at landing sites, divisional secretariat and provincial level and national level committees, and formulation and implementation of fisheries development plans through them
  • Training of multiday boat skippers
  • Collection and analysis of data on fisheries industry & fisher folk
  • Resolving disputes in fisheries sector
  • Making the boat owners, skippers and fleet engaged in high seas fishing operations aware of the rules and the conventions relating to the regional agreements
  • Making the fishermen and boat owners engaged in coastal fishing activities aware of the strategies and rules for a responsible fisheries industry
  • Training and making aware of the fisheries officers and other stakeholders about the rules and regional conventions relating to the high seas and coastal fisheries industry. 

Division Structure