Department of Fisheries & Aquatic Resources

Administration Division


Main objective of the division is to provide resources of man power, building ,transport facilities, water, electricity, janitorial and communication facilities as well as human resources management, proper maintenance of buildings, vehicles and the other facilities required to achieve the set objectives of the Department.


Estimation of the supplies of required manpower resources, preparation of job specifications, recruitment procedures, obtaining necessary approval for the same and getting the required human resources.

Handling and maintaining all the establishment matters such as recruitment of the staff of the department, confirmation in service, conducting efficiency bar examinations, granting annual increments, absorptions, promotions, release from the service and retirement etc.

Handling and maintaining all the establishment matters such as taking the staff of the Island-wide services and combined service from transfers and confirmation in the service conducting efficiency bar examinations and directing to exams ,granting annual increments, promotions, release from the service and giving recommendations for retirement etc.,

To maintain the discipline of the staff including preliminary inquiries and disciplinary inquiries.

To provide practical training for the students who have followed vocational training courses.

Transferring the motorbikes which were provided under the ADB project to the officers concerned.

Making the staff participate in local and international academic seminars, workshops.

Provision of communication facilities and its related payments.

Reporting for duty by staff, follow up, leave taking and maintaining records.

Issue of railway warrants and seasons and its related payments.

Matters pertaining to the provision of Agrahara insurance benefits for the staff.

Delivery of tappal received by the Head officeby entering the same in a record.

Keeping records on the tappal sent by the Head Office and its related payments.

Allocation of postal expenses for district offices and its related payments.

Renting offices, payment of office rents and assessment tax and maintaining records.

Provision of quarters for the staff, collection of rental and maintenance of recprds.

Granting approval for the payment of loan advances required by the staff.

Maintaining records of loans, recovery of and writing off outstanding loan balances.

Repairs to vehicles, servicing of them, marking emblems, issue of fuel, batteries, tires and tubes.

Disposing of, handing over, obtaining, reserving and registration of vehicles.

Completing running chart accurately, follow up action and maintaining the records of vehicles.

Reconstruction and proper maintenance of the head office building, district offices, fisheries inspectors’ offices, Monitoring & Surveillance centers, quarters, circuit bungalows and harbour buildings and co-ordination of the construction of new buildings.