Department of Fisheries & Aquatic Resources

Internal Audit Division

Internal Audit Division Composition and Responsibility The following activities were carried out by the Internal Audit Division during the year under review. Furnished quarterly reports containing the facts such as financial progress, progress of the submission of returns and accounts, observation of the payment of vouchers, settlement of imprest payments and answering to the audit […]

Finance Division

Finance Division Objecive The main objective of the division is to make sure the effective & efficient management of financial resources of the Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources. Functions Duties assigned to the division can be categorized as follows. Financial Planning, Budgeting & Management Collection of Revenue Payments Accounting Supplies & Stores Management Assets […]

Fisheries Development Division

Fisheries Development Division Fisheries development in Sri Lanka has been focused on promoting sustainable fishing practices and improving post-harvest handling and processing methods. The government has implemented various initiatives to modernize the fisheries sector, increase productivity, and boost income opportunities for fishing communities. Sri Lanka has also been working towards achieving responsible and eco-friendly fishing […]

Fisheries Operation Division – Copy

Fisheries Operation Division Issue of relevant verification reports to ensure internationally that the fish caught by registered fishing boats of Sri Lanka carrying out fishing operations at high seas has been caught with accurate reports and appropriately without engaging in IUU practices. Live connection with principle stake holders such as all the fisheries harbours, offices, […]

Investigation and Training Division

Investigation and Training Division Law enforcement in the fisheries sector of Sri Lanka is vital for achieving legal compliance in the aspects of administration, fisheries and related operations, trade and conservation to ensure sustainable management of marine resources. The Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources plays a central role in enforcing fisheries laws and regulations […]

Administration Division

Administration Division Objective Main objective of the division is to provide resources of man power, building ,transport facilities, water, electricity, janitorial and communication facilities as well as human resources management, proper maintenance of buildings, vehicles and the other facilities required to achieve the set objectives of the Department. Activities Estimation of the supplies of required […]

Fisheries Operation Division

Fisheries Operation Division The Division consist of three main units; High Seas Fisheries Unit (HSFU) Monitoring ,Control and Surveillance Unit (MCS) High Seas Fisheries Unit (HSFU) Issue of relevant verification reports to ensure internationally that the fish caught by registered fishing boats of Sri Lanka carrying out fishing operations at high seas has been caught […]

Quality Control Division​

Quality Control Division Sri Lanka prioritizes stringent quality control measures for its fishery product exports to uphold international standards and ensure consumer safety. Governed by the provisions under fish and fishery product export regulations, these measures encompass certification, inspection, and adherence to hygiene and sanitary practices. Traceability systems and laboratory testing further bolster quality assurance, […]

Fisheries Management Division

Fisheries Management Division Fisheries management in Sri Lanka is a multifaceted approach aimed at sustainable utilization and conservation of the country’s marine resources. Governed by robust regulatory frameworks and policies, it involves the Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (DFAR) overseeing licensing, regulation, and enforcement. Community engagement is encouraged through community-based management initiatives, ensuring local […]

Information Technology Division

Information Technology Division By leveraging technology, our IT department aims to streamline workflows and simplify tasks for our team. Through the implementation of innovative tools and systems, we can automate repetitive processes, enhance communication and collaboration, and provide quick access to information. Whether it’s deploying project management software to organize tasks efficiently, setting up cloud-based […]