Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources

Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources

Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources

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Fisheries Product Quality Control Division


Main objective of this division is to ensure the high quality and safety of fish products exported to the international market by Sri Lanka for human consumption under the implementation of Fish Products (Export) Regulations published in 1998.


To achieve the above objectives the following activities are being undertaken by the Quality Control Division.

  • Issue of licences for fish processing establishments.
  • Authorizing the fish processing establishments to process fish for export.
  • Regular inspection of fish processing establishments.
  • Inspection of landing sites.
  • Inspection of fishing boats supplying fish for export.
  • Inspection of transportation of fish (raw materials) from landing sites to the processing plants.
  • Issue of health certificates for each consignment of fish/ fishery products for export.
  • Approve the laboratories issuing test reports for ensuring the safety of export fish products.
  • Carry out the official sampling programme in order to test the samples obtained from relevant places, at the laboratories.
  • Taking appropriate action whenever necessary against the processing establishments, boats & landing sites not complying with the conditions laid down in the regulations.
  • Taking appropriate action against the complaints received with regard to the unhygienic health conditions of fish products to be exported.
  • Organizing and conducting awareness programmes on the quality & hygiene of fish and fishery products as well as on fish handling for the crews in boats which are supplying fish for export.
  • Organizing and conducting awareness programmes in order to control antibiotics and chemicals used for aquaculture products (shrimps) under the residue monitoring programme of aquaculture products.
  • Issue of fish catch certificates.
Approved fish processing establishments available at present
  • Fish processing establishments approved for the export of fish products to the countries of the European Commission-33.
  • Fish processing establishments approved for the export of fish products only to the countries not belonging to the European Commission-17.
  • Establishments approved for the fish packaging activities-

Inspection and monitoring activities and implementing the official sampling programme

  • This includes the implementation of the official sampling programme for the inspection of fish processing establishments, shrimp farms, laboratories, fisheries harbours and laboratory analysis.
  • Micro biological analysis: for water, ice and fish
  • Chemical analysis: Amount of histamine, heavy metals of fish

Implementation of the aquaculture chemical residue monitoring national programme

Monitoring, inspection, obtaining samples and analysis as well as taking legal action pertaining to the implementation of aquaculture residue monitoring regulations declared in 2002 are done under this.

Parameters of conducting sampling tests

  • Antibiotics
  • Heavy metals
  • Pesticide residue
  • Malachite green
  • Obtaining water samples from prawn breeding centres

Conducting of awareness programmes

Conducting programmes to make the relevant parties aware of the quality and hygienic condition of fish and fish products is mainly done under this.

Taking legal action against the violation of regulations and carrying out investigations into the notifications made by importing countries

Quality Control Sub Office-Bandaranayke International Airport-Katunayake:

  • A quality Control Sub Office was established at the Bandaranayke International Airport-Katunayake on 13.01.2014.
  • Fish Catch Certificates are verified at this office in order to ensure the legality of fish products exported to the countries of the European Commission.
  • Inspection of fish stock imported for reexport is undertaken.
  • Fish export data base is maintained at this place.