Main Steps

  • The transferor and transferee shall fill the transfer forms 52 and 56 (amalgamated form) in the presence of the transferor’s FO.
  • The transfer application forms shall be approved and recommended by the Fisheries Officer in the district offices.
  • The district officer shall update the boat registration details in the system.
  • If transfer application is approved, the transfer form shall be forwarded to the Assistant Director of the district officer.
  • The approval matrix for the transfer application is shown below:
    • IMUL – Director General Approval
    • Any boats other than mentioned above – Assistant Director Approval (District Offices)
  • In the event of an IMUL boat transfers the following equipment has to be transferred with the prior approval.
    • Transfer of Radio Call Sign
    • Transfer of VMS
    • Transfer of High seas operation license
  • Once the boats are transferred, the management division in head office shall update the details into the system.
  • If the IMUL boats that are registered in IOTC authorized list, the transferred IMUL boat details shall be updated in the IOTC authorized list.

Service Step Diagram


Relevant Division of the Department