Main Steps

  • An individual shall initially place an order to manufacture a boat in a registered boat yard in the particular district prior to the registration of boats. This process shall be carried out in both district office and head office.
  • The boat owner shall fill an application form in order to reserve a registration number. Further, file shall be maintained in district office.
  • Marine Engineer Assistant shall visit and inspect during the manufacturing process in the boat yard to verify the process.
  • The district office shall update the boat details into the system in order to reserve a registration number.
  • The Assistant Director in the district office shall recommend to reserve a registration number via the system.
  • The system approval for the reservation for boat registration is shown below :
    • IMUL – Director General Approval
    • Any boats other than mentioned above – Director Management
  • The reserved registration boat number shall be issued to the boat yard by the district office.

Service Step Diagram

Relevant Division of the Department

  • Distric office

  • Management Division (Head Office)