Main Steps

  • To register the fish processing establishment, the processor / exporter shall request to QC division via a written letter.
  • The request letter shall be accepted by the Deputy Director of QC division and inform Director General.
  • With the Director Generals approval, Deputy Director shall appoint a panel of quality control officers for the inspection of the establishment.
  • A letter shall be handed over to the respective officer incharge of the inspection.
  • The QC officers assigned for the task shall inspect the establishment and verify if it complies with the relevant requirements laid down in the fish products (export) regulations 1998.
  • The inspection shall be carried out with the help of a checklist and manuals such as HACCP, GMP and SSOP. These manuals are with regard to EU regulations and standards in case the processor is exporting to the EU.These checklist shall be uploaded to the system,
  • Submit the inspection report to the processor as well as the Deputy Director for the approval. If the processor has complied to the requirements, a recommendation shall be forwarded by Deputy Director to Director General in order to issue a license. If the processor fails the inspection, they are required to rectify the errors within a reasonable time period and inform the division for an inspection.
  • The processor / exporter shall apply for registering the processing establishment via manually filled application form in head office.
  • The processor / exporter shall submit the following documents to QC Officer in the division.
    • Copy of Business Registration – Copy of VAT/TIN
    • Copy of Export Development Board registration (if applicable)
    • Copy of the Deed to verify the ownership / Lease agreement
  • QC Officer shall update the details into the system & submit all registration relevant documents to the Deputy Director in QC for the recommendation and approval.
  • Director General shall recommend and authorize to issue the registration certificate of processing establishment.
  • The processor / exporter shall make the payment in order to obtain registration certificate for processing establishment.
  • The registration certificate for the processing establishment shall be issued as well as an username & password shall be given to the processor / exporter.
  • The division shall require to send a letter to the all the relevant EU authorities and Non EU authorities mentioning that the particular establishment complies to the requirements and is eligible to export. It is the responsible of Deputy Director & along with the approval Director General, letter shall be submit to the relevant authorities. Further, the records shall be maintained in the QC division.

Service Step Diagram

Relevant Division of the Department