Main Steps

  • Applicant shall visit head office for the registration of an establishment or company in order to import, export and re- export of fish & fishery products. Application forms are categorized in different colors according to the registration purposes.
    • For Import Registration:- Green colored application form
    • For Export Registration:- Purple colored application form
    • For Import & Re-export:- Red colored application form
  • The applicant shall submit the relevant documents in order to register the establishment or the company.
    • Copy of BOI registration certificate (if applicable)
    • Copy of Company Registration
  • The applicant shall make the payment to the Shroff in the finance division and shall collect a receipt for the payment.
  • The officer shall maintains the application records in the file.
  • The officer in management division shall print the registration license shall submit for the approval of Director General.
  • Director General shall approve the registration license manually.
  • Approved registration license shall issue to the respective district office.

Service Step Diagram

Relevant Division of the Department