1942 dfar  Establishment of Fisheries Department.
1956  engine1 Introduction of out board fisheries engines.
1958  boat1

Introduction of 3 ½ to or 32 feet of wooden craft. Introduced inboard engineers for the first time.

1970  multiday2 The first multi day craft introduced under the ADB project.
1978  to 3 boat  Encourage the production of small scale fiberglass vessels.
1980 large vessel   Introduction of Fiber Glass multi day boats under the Abu Dhabi fisheries project.
1980  certificate  Introduce Regulations on Registration of Fishing Boat
1990  multifay boat  Preparation of technological backgrounds for the profitable multiday fishing vessels.
1996  act  Introduction of the Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Act. Introduce fishing operation regulations.
2006  net  Banning the use of monofilament nets.
2008  safety  Introduction of safety regulations in fishing vessels.
2010  import export1  Introduction of import / export regulations for fish products.
2011  fish b  Under the I.F.A.D. project, multi day boats were introduced for 100% for long line fishing.
2015  fine  Penalties / Sanctions for I.U.U. fishing increased up to Rs. Mn. 1.5 for usual multiday vessel 
2016  eu

 Taking action to revoke the ban of export of fish products by the European Union.