Main Steps

  • The VMS unit shall upload the following reports on a daily basis to the database for the relevant users.
    • Border Crossing (2pm and 10pm)
    • Silent vessel list for 48 hrs (8pm)
  • The information officer sends a notice of the violation tothe owner in order to obtain his feedback. A copy of this letter shall be sent to the investigation unit to open a case.
  • The Investigation Unit shall request for the cruise tag for the particular vessel under investigation and also for a recommendation from the Assistant Director of FMC.
  • A preliminary investigation shall be carried out by the AD of the investigation division before moving forward. If there is satisfactory evidence provided from the owner and skipper, their won’t be any legal proceedings
  • If the evidence is unsatisfactory, a departure cancel form shall be raised by the officer through the system.
  • The departure cancel form shall be approved by the Assistant Director.
  • Legal proceeding shall be carried out.
  • Once the legal proceeding are completed, the status of the boat shall be activated through the system with the approval of the Assistant Director. In the meantime the database will be updated with the court case and penalty details.

Service Step Diagram

Relevant Division of the Department