Currently implemented Sub-projects under the Lagoon Development Programme

  • Deepening / cleaning of lagoons
  • Delimitation of lagoon boundaries
  • Laying of juvenile fish to increase the production capacity of the lagoons
  • Implementation of aquaculture projects
  • Implementation of lagoon infrastructure development projects
  • Lagoon management



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Lagoon development program Of the 116 lagoons identified in Sri Lanka, 18 lagoons are to be developed under this program. Out of these, the following are the priority areas:

  1. Puttalam Lagoon
  2. Reach lagoon
  3. Panama lagoon
  4. The Nayur lagoon
  5. Arugambay lagoon
  • Determination of lime density
  • Providing environmentally friendly fishing gear instead of illegal nets
  • Sludge cultivation projects (cultivation / sowing / wetlands / sea cucumbers)
  • Depositing fish chicks in order to increase production capacity of lagoons
  • Provide access roads / access roads / infrastructure development projects / sanitary facilities

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