Main Steps

  • Applicant shall request through an application form to the district officer in district office or head office.
  • The applicant shall submit the relevant documents in order to register the skipper ID license.
    • Duly filled application form
    • Copy of skipper certificate
    • Copy of fisherman ID
    • Copy of National ID
  • The district officer shall check and verify with fisherman registration in the system. Since skippers are already registered as fisherman, this shall enable district officers to verify with the information in the system.
  • The district officer shall scan and upload the relevant document into the system.
  • The applicant shall make the payment to the district offices for the skipper ID licenses.
  • The officer shall maintains the application records in the file.
  • The district officer shall recommend on the skipper ID license and forwards it to the Assistant Director of the district. Assistant Director shall approve in the system and forwards it to the management division in head office.
  • The officer at management division shall check and verify with fisherman registration in the system. Further, the officer shall verify the scanned documents in the system.
  • The officer in management division shall print the skipper ID license shall submit for the approval of Director General.
  • Director General shall approve the registration license manually. Approved registration license shall issued to the respective district office.

Service Step Diagram

 Relevant Division of the Department