Main Steps

  • The processor / exporter shall apply for catch certificate for each and every consignment via online. The task shall be fulfilled by an individual username and password which is given for each processor / exporter. (Refer registration process)
  • The QC officer in head office shall verify the duly completed application form via the system and forwards it to the QC Director.
  • The QC director in head office shall approve the duly completed application form via the system. Thus, shall prompt an option of printing the certificates in BIA – QC office.
  • The processor / exporter shall submit the relevant documents to the BIA – QC Officer in order to obtain the catch certificate.
  • BIA – QC officer shall verify the log sheet details of EEZ boats and High seas boats.
  • The BIA – QC shall verify the following documents to QC Officer placed in BIA – QC desk.
    • Copy of Operation licenses
    • Copy of Vessel Registration
    • Copy of Skipper ID license
    • Packing list
  • The BIA – QC officer shall update the catch quantity into the following documents.
    • Health Certificate
    • ICCATT Big eye tuna
    • ICCATT Sword Fish
  • The processor / exporter shall make a payment to the BIA – QC cashier.
  • Once the payment is done, the QC officer in BIA shall issue the Catch Certificate for the consignment.

Service Step Diagram

Relevant Division of the Department