Training and Investigation Division


To build a better relationship among fisher folks,fisheries officers and other parties with a view to fulfilling the set objectives of the Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources to sustainably develop the fisheries industry by means of the application of new technology and sound resources management in conformity with the international maritime laws and conventions for making an effective contribution to the national economy of Sri Lanka through the implementation of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Act.

Responsibility and Role 


  • Formulation of the annual training plan
  • Organization of training and capacity development programmes for all the officers of the Department
  • Conducting training progrmmes for the enhancement of professional education of fisher families
  • Organization and supervision of necessary training sessions on court procedures for the officials
  • Supervision of training programmes in relation to the activities of issuing certificates to the skippers
  • Carrying out training programmes pertaining to the introduction of novel technology to the fisheries industry
  • Monitoring of factory field training given to the students of universities and fisheries technical colleges 

Awareness Programmes


  • Formulation of the annual awareness programme
  • Conducting of regular awareness pragrammes on fisheries law and lawful fishing operations for all the parties
  • Organization of awareness programmes for fishers,which are conducted at district levels
  • Coordination of district offices and the other outside institutions in respect of the awareness pragrammes
  • Awareness pragammes for fisher women on alternative income generation

Inspections and Raids 

  • Formulation of the annual inspection and raid plan
  • Supervision at the district level
  • Monitoring and raid on fishing boats, fishing gear, fish products, processing, and fisheries supply establishments
  • Inspection of all district offices, fisheries inspector’s offices, radio communication centers and harbor offices


  • Formulation of the annual Investigation plan
  • Monitoring of district-level investigation activities
  • Grant of necessary permission to the District Assistant Directors to conduct raids on illegal fishing operations carried out withing lagoons, beaches, coastal areas and EEZ
  • Supervision of the investigation Aquatic resources act into the violation of laws identified by the Vessel Monitoring System
  • Publishing special investigations and also serving a summons on the officers for special investigations
  • Supervision of all the coordination activities undertaken with the Attorney General’s Department with regard to all the investigations
  • Prividing technical evidence 
  • Investigations into all the district offices, fisheries inspector’s offices, radio communication centers and harbor offices

Other Functions

  • Granting recommendations to the Director-General for the nomination of authorized officers in terms of the Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Act and Fisheries(Regulation of Foreign Fishing Boats) Act
  • Supervision of convening the Board of recovering the administrative laws and implementation of the system of collecting administrative fines
  • Analysis of information on test reports provided by the officers who are participating in overseas tours and training and providing summary reports