Main Steps

  • Skipper shall enter the details of the crew members, skipper name and equipment details through the tab and request for a boat departure.
  • Fisheries Inspector (FI) at the harbor shall inspect the boat and the crew members and approve the departure request. In the meantime the FI officer shall contact the VMS division and obtain a code for high seas vessels. This number shall be entered in the departure request.
  • The skipper shall record the catch details during the voyage through the tab.
  • Once the voyage is completed, the skipper shall request for arrival into the harbor.
  • Fisheries Inspector shall inspect the physical catch with the catch report. The FI will mention if the catch is for export purposes and also edit the catch if there are any discrepancies. Subsequently the officer shall approve the arrival request.
  • The verification unit shall verify all the catch details for each vessel.
  • The officer in charge shall update a verification form after verifying the catch details.
  • If the vessel is exporting the fish, the verification forms shall be viewed by the BIA unit for exporting purposes.

Service Step Diagram

Relevant Division of the Department