Main Steps

  • Fill Application form by the Fisheries Inspector in district office via the FI tab.
  • (Skipper License /Owner / Fisherman / Lagoon Fisherman / Diver / Beach Seine)
  • Collect relevant information of fisherman prior to the registration process such as followings:
    • Copy of NIC or Passport or Driving license
    • Photograph of the applicant
  • The fisheries inspector shall ensure the information are duly completed in the FI tab.
  • An acknowledgement of the registration details shall be obtained from the fisherman. The district officer shall (Including the manual signature) shall be obtained by the district officer.
  • The Assistant Director of the district shall approve the registration in the system.
  • Once the AD in district approved the registration, Deputy Director of the management division shall approve the registration in the system.
  • The fisherman identification card shall be printed by the management division and shall be certified & signed by the Director General.

Service Step Diagram

Relevant Division of the Department

Fishermen registration Mobile application

Mentioning below are the screenshots of the mobile application of fishermen registration,
which fishermen can be registered through the tablets given to the fisheries officers without filling any documents


freg1 1 


freg1 2


 freg1 3 


freg1 4 


freg1 5 


freg1 6