Main Steps

  • An application form (F55) shall be submitted to the district officer in the district office or to management division in head office in order to acquire a copy of boat registration.
  • The applicant shall submit the relevant documents in order to acquire a copy of boat registration.
    • A request letter for a copy of boat registration
    • Duly filled application form
    • Copy of a police complaint
  • The officer shall update the boat registration details once the officer collects all the relevant documents. Scanned documents are updated in the system. Further, file shall be maintained in district office.
  • The applicant shall make the payment for the copy of boat registration certificate.
  • The approval matrix for the transfer application is shown below:
    • IMUL – Director General Approval
    • Any boats other than mentioned above – Assistant Director Approval (District Offices)
  • The copy of boat registration certificate shall be system approved by the Assistant Director in the district officer for the boats other than IMUL. For the IMUL boats, the Assistant Director shall recommend & forward to management division in Head Office.
  • The copy of Certificate of Boat Registration shall be approved by the Director of General for all the IMUL boats.
  • The Certificate Boat Registration shall be printed and issued to the boat owner by the management division.

Service Step Diagram


Relevant Division of the Department