Main Steps

  • For the cancellation of vessel registration, registered owner shall fill Form 59 and submit to management division of HO.
  • The boat owner is responsible of submission of the relevant documents to certify the ownership of the boat such as boat registration id, fisherman id & operation license to ensure the registered boat.
  • The district officer shall ensure completion of following actions in order to cancellation of boat registration:-
  • Cancellation of high seas operation license
    • Ensure the disconnection of VMS
    • Inform TRC to change the ownership of call signs
    • Ensure the return of log book
  • The fisheries inspector of the area shall inspection the relevant boat for the cancellation and shall approve the cancellation in the F59.
  • The Assistant Director of the district shall approve the cancellation of the boat registration in the system.
  • The district officer shall inform the cancellation of the boat registration to the vessel registry unit of management division in head office. The relevant details of the cancellation shall be couriered to the vessel registry unit.
  • The following boats are cancelled with the approval of Management of Director and Director General.
    • IMUL & OFRP – Director General Approval
    • Other boats – Director – Management Approval
  • The vessel registration unit of management division shall ensure the cancellation of the boat registration in the system.

Service Step Diagram

Relevant Division of the Department