Main Steps

  • The owner will submit the following documents along with the registration fee to the district office.
  • Marine engineering assistant (MEA) shall inspect the boat yard and fill form 1A for the assessment. If the inspection is successful the MEA shall provide a recommendation on form 1A.
  • District officer shall update the details to the system and scan the documents.
  • District AD shall recommend the application form and form 1A through the system.
  • Marine Engineering Assistant (MEA) at the head office shall check the documents for completeness and accuracy and provide a recommendation.
  • Director shall approve the registration documents through the system.
  • MEA shall print the certificate.
  • DG shall approve the printed certificate.
  • Certificate shall be sent to the owner.

Service Step Diagram

Supporting Documents

  • Application form
  • Business certificate
  • Land ownership (deed and plan)
  • Labor insurance policy
  • Boat yard insurance policy
  • Environment certificate
  • Area under roof-plan
  • Sanitary and sewage plan
  • Access to boat yard plan
  • Garbage disposal system plan
  • 4R size photographs of the boat yard.
  • Utility Bills (water and electricity)

Relevant Division of the Department