Responsibility and Role

  • Development of fisheries industry through modern technology.
  • Implementation of various development programmes for fisher folk.
  • Implementation of Idiwara bank and Fisheries Co-operative Society programmes and co-ordination and supervision of them at national level.
  • Registration of manufacturers of fishing vessels and importers of fishing gear, boat engines, refrigeration systems, navigational, communicational and lifesaving equipment and fixing their prices and renewal of such permits annually.
  • Approval of designs of fishing boats, various makes & models of marine engines and other equipment used for fishing.
  • Formulation of programmes to upgrade the living standard of fishing families affected by natural disasters and accidents.
  • Giving recommendations for the EIA reports pertaining to the coastal constructions.
  • Supervision of all district and regional fisheries offices.
  • Follow up action on foreign aid funded projects.
  • Implementation of alternative income generating programmes.
  • Implementation of programmes for the prevention of post-harvest losses
  • Preparation of an action plan of departmental activities.



Division Structure 


development division st