18th session of IOTC will be held in Sri Lanka

Eighteenth Session of the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission (IOTC) of the Food and Agriculture Organization will be held in Colombo from 01st to 05th June 2014. The Meeting is held in Sri Lanka on the initiative of Hon Dr Rajitha Senaratne, Minister of Fisheries and Aquatic Resource Development.

This is the second time Sri Lanka is hosting the event, the first being in 2011.

The objective of the Commission is to promote cooperation among its Members with a view to ensuring, through appropriate management, the conservation and optimum utilization of tuna stocks and encouraging sustainable development of fisheries based on them.

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Deyata Kirula 2014 exhibition stall of the Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources

Deyata Kirula 2014 exhibition stall of the Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources is focused on displaying dynamic exhibits on unitization of new technology towards a sustainable fisheries sector. Following aspects were incorporate with the stall design

  • Long line fishing and fishing boats equipped with latest technology
  • Fish finding devices
  • Vessel monitoring system with satellite communications
  • Safety at sea using latest technology
  • Radio communication with fishing boats

The stall was launched by the Hon. Minister of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Development Dr.Rajitha Senaratne on 21st February 2014 with the presence of Hon. Deputy Minister Sarath Kumara Gunarathe and senior officers of the Ministry and the Department. It was calculated that more than 1,500,000 people visit the stall during the exhibition.

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The Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Act No. 2 of 1996 is amended

The Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Act, No. 2 of 1996, is amended with effected from November 2013 in order to comply with the latest international resolutions and requirements related to responsible fishing and giving the department more control over IUU activities in the fisheries sector in Sri Lanka. Several sections of the act is modified on following aspects

  • Fishing boat registration and licenses
  • Fishing on overseas waters
  • Fishing management areas and fisheries co-management


A copy of the revised section of the act can be downloaded from here

District Fisheries office-Galle get underway with new look

Newly build District Fisheries office of Galle District was opened by Hon Minister of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources DR. Rajitha Senaratne on 17th November 2013. Office is equipped with various facilities in order to provide effective services.

Office build through the IFAD funds and total cost is about Rs.Mn. 25.0. Number of engines fishing gears and some other donations were distributed as a part of the occasion.   

Hon. Minister also stated that the departments expend about Rs.Mn.38 for the fisheries development activities of the Galle district for last 03 years. Deputy Speaker MP Chandima Weerakkody , MP Mohan Priyadarshana, Director General of the Department, GA and Relevant AGAs, fisheries officers and other local politicians were also participated for the occasion.        

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